Every feature was created and customized for supporting the police and the people.  More features can be created as the deployment of the software grows.

Here are some of our ideas where the WE WATCH SYSTEM can be used in action:

  • 1
    Add a feature.  When suspicious activities are observer share that location and description with others instantly.
  • 2
    When a Fire or Accident occurs add it to the Map with description.
  • 3
    Field Report can be sent to Dispatch you could collect all of the data on an accident in 10 minutes and get traffic moving again, send a video of suspect activity or send evidence or send a funny pic to make the dispatcher's day.
  • 4
    Dispatch can send pics docs and videos to assist and inform the citizens.
  • 5
    Dispatch is constantly updating the Tactical App Map.
  • 6
    1 push HELP button.
  • 7
    The citizens can be live streamed when necessary and help sent as required all in complete silence!
  • 8
    And so much more!  You imagination is our limit.